Auticare first day!


My name is Abdullah Abbas – a.k.a Doli, and i am the creator of this website.

What is this website?

This is a website where its targeted for parents with kids with autism where you can create, search, and engage with places/activities/events that is related to autism.

The not so short story

Our first son was at age 2 and a half years when we realize that he speak lesser and his eye contact with us becoming poorer.
Me and my wife ask around and the first thing we do is to send him to a speech therapy center in Taipan (My Little One) – which we got to know by googling a lot.

As the assessment done – the therapist suggest us to check him to hospital to get diagnose of whether he has autism or not. He recommended few hospitals in Malaysia that we then try to make an appointment.

Believe me or not, the first hospital we contacted in SimeDarby Desa Park City – will need us to wait for 1 year and 3 months just to get an appointment!

As we wanted to know as soon as possible – we then resorted to try the hospital in Kuala Lumpur – Prince Court Hospital for diagnostic – luckily, we are able to get appointment when the paeds opening an extra hour during holiday.

Long story cut short – our son was diagnosed with mild autism and he is now undergoing ABA therapy here at SEED AUTISM

So – ya : I am a father of autistic kids. After first hearing the diagnostic from the doctor that my first son – Azka is an autistic kids, lots of questions come to my mind :

  1. Where do I find a therapy center?
  2. How much does it cost?
  3. Who should I ask?
  4. Can my kids go to school? Is there any school that will accept him?

Those are some of the questions that I believe – is very confusing for a new parent that has kids with special needs.

Where? What? Who to ask?

I found out that Facebook groups are the best place to actually get lots of information about events, places, and knowledge about taking care of kids in the spectrum. They usually have a list of places – which is good, or you can ask around the group and mostly get answered by people in those groups.

I was recently asking about school for my son in this group and I am very grateful for those that contacted me on some places that i can try to ask for inquiry about school/homeschooling.

But then i am thinking – why don’t I compile those list? I am software engineer and i believe setting up a website for information about autism service is something that i can do!

And then auticare is here…

Obviously – it will be always work in progress, as there are many places out there in many different locations, where some parents might be still looking for it.

I need your help!

Please help me add places and events that you know!

Share this website to your friend, parents that need help to find services for their kids!

Help me grow the listing so it can be useful for many people out there!

Most importantly – give me feedback by sending a contact form here, or you can always reach me through facebook!

How to add listing?

Click on the pink menu up there (or if you are on mobile – click the hamburger menu.

Yes. you can donate if you would like to help this site alive 🙂

Once submitted – I will review it and published if all the information needed is completed!

Again, thank you very much for all your support!


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